I love fashion trends, but the older I get, the more I notice that that having a wardrobe foundation is for every woman just a necessity.

I like buying the hottest trends, seasonal must-haves, and I have a LOT of clothes in my wardrobe (and outside of it also), but I still have nothing to wear in the morning. Do you know that feeling? I’m sure you do. My husband just cannot understand it. How is it possible when you have so many stuff? I was wondering about it also. Recently I found out that it is because I have too many trendy pieces, but much too less classic wardrobe basics. Those trendy pieces are cool only for a few months. I really don’t like wearing same pieces for a few days in a row, so usually I wear some clothes only 3 times during these months (except of shoes and bags) and then the season is over and I don’t like that piece any more. Having wardrobe essentials can prevent that situation. You will no longer say that you have nothing to wear, because you will have a wearable foundation consists of a few classic pieces which will help you to create  countless outfits, perfect for any occasion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that buying trends is pointless, but I think that we should choose only a few trends each season – which suit us best, and actually invest in classic pieces which will be useful for a few years. Then it is really important to choose only high quality pieces if we want they serve us for a long time, but at the same time, I can say that buying expensive temporary trends is really senseless as we will use them only a few times. Below you can find my list of wardrobe foundation which I wanted to share with you. Actually I’m still in progress of building my perfect closet and till now I don’t have most of these essentials but this is my goal and I’m sure one day I will have them all and I won’t have a problem what to wear in the morning any more.

What is your wardrobe foundation?

Silk Shirt

Elegant, timeless piece which is perfect to wear to the office with jeans or in the evening with tailored pants or pencil skirt. I like the most black ones, but a white version is highly recommended also.

Equipment | Saint Laurent | H&M

Cotton Shirt

For me, more versatile piece than a silk version, because except of the office and restaurant, it can be worn in a very casual way during Sunday walk or on the beach, thrown over a swimsuit.

H&M | H&M | Victoria Beckham


You just need to have one. It should be your second skin. White version is a must have, but it would be perfect to have also black and grey ones. Never too much, just in high quality. Still looking for a perfect one.

Rag&Bone | Mango | Totême


A pair of tailored trousers is a great alternative to the jeans. More elegant but also can be worn with sneakers.

H&M | H&M | Totême

Evening Bag

Instead of a clutch I recommend a small shoulder bag, in black of course. I love clutches, but if you have to choose one, a shoulder bag is just more versatile, because you can wear it during a day, as well as in the evening to the elegant dress.

Saint Laurent | ZARA | ZARA

Cashmere Sweater

Perfect for everyday use to the jeans in autumn and winter and to the denim shorts and sneakers in summer.

Uniqlo | Equipment | Jil Sander


What can I say? Everyone needs a perfect pair in their wardrobe. The most important here is to find a pair that suits our body, not a current trend. It’s not easy at all. I have tens of jeans, but not even one pair is THE RIGHT one. Right now I’m looking for a perfect blue pair in loose fit and a washed black skinny one.



For everyday use I recommend the grey wool blazer. In early autumn we can use it singly over a tshirt and in winter together with a coat.

ZARA | Mango | Mango

Little Black Dress

Each time you don’t know what to wear to the party – you will choose it. Little black dress is everything what you need, but only if you have a perfect one for YOU – it needs to fit YOUR body type and style, not a current trend.

Totême | ZARA | COS


In most heels you will look great, but not in every flats. They need to be chic and timeless to become the most useful piece in your wardrobe, because you will feel comfy and self confident in them.

Lanvin | Chloé | H&M

Everyday Bag

We, women, know this problem. Everyday we carry with us a lot of stuff – all are necessary of course. So we need a perfect everyday bag, which will be useful and stylish at the same time.

The Row | Saint Laurent | Nina Ricci


The classic double breasted coat – preferably in navy blue and with gold buttons.

H&M | H&M | Totême