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I was preparing this post a few days ago, as a last pregnancy outfit – I was hoping for that, at least. I didn’t know then that next day I would be already after a labor. So now everything is different, cause my baby girl is with us at home already. Right now, I cannot write anything more, cause my emotions are difficult to express. Undoubtedly, I am extremely happy and I know that my life won’t be same anymore :).

Ribbed Long Dress

I love clothes which aren’t maternity ones, but are perfect during pregnancy and you can still wear them after a child birth. Actually, during my whole pregnancy, the only maternity clothes which I bought, were 3 pairs of jeans (and I wear only 2 of them) and one pair of leggins. The rest clothes, which I bought during this period, were either oversized styles or very elastic ones, like this cable knit, off-shoulder dress from Mango, which I wrote about earlier here. I really think that buying maternity clothes is a waste of money, becuase pregnancy passes quickly, I mean really quickly. I can’t even believe that I am in my last month right now ;).

Light Blue

My today’s outfit was a combination of a beautiful light blue blouse with bell sleeves, grey maternity jeans and new favorite slides from ATP ATELIER.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Cognac Suede Jacket

In my 30th week of pregnancy (only 10 weeks to go!) I put on comfort. I still like wearing my maternity jeans with some oversized tops, I just change jackets and shoes. Today I was wearing my cognac suede jacket which I bought some time ago, actually just after I wrote this post, and new classic Stan Smith sneakers. I finished the look with some great jewelry pieces and a bucket bag.


Black and white combination is always a good idea when you don’t know what to wear. Simple outfit but details make it more interesting. I’m wearing here the most comfortable maternity jeans from Zalando with a loose pleated top from Zara and biker leather jacket. I twisted the look with so called ‘granny shoes’ – suede pumps on low heel, cat-eye sunglasses and a lovely choker from Are You Am I.


Inspired by my own post here, I decided to wear a hoodie today. I just needed some oversized tshirt to fit my 7-month belly. The new top from Are You Am I was a great choice, love the quality.